About Health Care Interpreter Network

The Leader in Healthcare Interpreting

The Health Care Interpreter Network (HCIN) is a mission-driven, non-profit membership organization comprising dozens of hospitals and health systems across the US. Our member hospitals share a commitment to eliminating barriers to care for limited-English-proficient (LEP), Deaf, and hard of hearing patients, and elevating the profession of healthcare interpreting.

Our founders pioneered the use of video remote interpreting (VRI) for healthcare more than 20 years ago, and HCIN has been serving providers and patients since 2006. Initially created by three California county health systems, the network now serves health systems nationwide, and remains governed by a Board of Directors drawn from the leadership of California public hospital systems.
Some vendors see interpreters as just one more hospital staffing issue, like contracting travelling nurses; others see healthcare as just one more “vertical” for their language services. Still others are, at heart, tech start-ups that judge their success by how much hardware or cloud-based services you buy. The Health Care Interpreter Network is the only entity that was created by hospital administrators and language-access advocates, and is motivated by concerns for patient safety, compliance, equal access to care for all members of the community, and the professional development of healthcare interpreters.

We have a long track record of working with large and small organizations to solve the problems of language access, and we have developed an extremely flexible set of solutions to meet the needs of your organization, whether you are large or small, urban or rural, have a robust in-house interpreting staff or are just getting started. See How it Works to learn more about our solutions.