For Interpreters:

The front line interpreters for each member hospital in the Health Care Interpreter Network are the interpreters employed at that hospital, backed by those interpreters who are shared across the network by other member hospitals. 

In order to provide reliable coverage of many languages, at all hours of the week, the HCIN also utilizes highly-qualified interpreters subcontracted through Paras and Associates. All subcontractors are trained and tested, and have extensive experience in healthcare interpreting. The majority are nationally certified.

Paras and Associates pays among the highest rates per minute for service, and provides the technology needed for interpreters to work from home. Contractors must provide a quiet and professional work environment for themselves that includes high speed internet service, and must purchase an appropriate headset.

If you are interested, please upload your resume and proof of certification or other documents here.

Continuing Education

HCIN operates an online learning portal for healthcare interpreters. Participants can start a self-paced course at any time, and all courses are free of charge for staff interpreters at HCIN member hospitals, as well as independent interpreters contracted by Paras to take calls over the HCIN.

Visit HCIN Learn to get started!