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A mission-driven, non-profit membership organization

We Keep Your Staff Interpreters
Front and Center

Our technology platform is unique and flexible. Learn 
How It Works to optimize your staff resources, tap into our network, and design a cost-effective custom solution that meets your language needs.

comprising dozens of hospitals and health systems nationwide. HCIN connects hospital-based interpreter programs in a 'co-op' sharing model.


Read more: What is HCIN and what makes the
Health Care Interpreter Network different?


National Council on Interpreting in Health Care (NCIHC).  names HCIN founder Melinda Paras as Language Access Champion for 2022.

Join the Leaders
for Quality, Safety and Patient Satisfaction

Contact Us to find out more about the advantages of the Healthcare Interpreter Network for your hospital or health system

Standard of Care

Reduces risk of medical errors due to communication breakdown—the most frequent cause of serious adverse events.
Innovative cooperative model pools scarce interpreter resources to provide a strong return on investment for members.

Quality Interpreters

All interpreters are trained, tested, and familiar with hospital-based patient care.

For Interpreters

Cost Effective

Career opportunities and continuing education for healthcare interpreters.
Contact us to discuss your language needs!
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