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HCIN Solutions:
Flexible and Easy to Use

With HCIN, you are in full control of your interpreter resources. You decide whether your staff interpreters work in-person or remotely, from a hospital-based call center or from a private office. You decide which interpreters will be shared across the national network. If you elect to share interpreter resources, your interpreters will generate revenue to offset your program costs.
In a standard HCIN solution, calls from your clinicians connect on demand to your available staff interpreters.
If all of your staff are with other patients, the call will route to a matching interpreter at another member hospital or to a partner healthcare interpreter specialist.
If all HCIN interpreters are with patients, the call will automatically connect to the language service provider of your choice.


Linking your staff interpreters to the HCIN national network creates a multiplier effect: You leverage the resources you already have and tap into a much larger pool of healthcare interpreter specialists. HCIN’s detailed reporting capabilities promote agility in adjusting interpreter productivity targets and managing program costs.

Easy Process

Providers, patients, and interpreters communicate via convenient clinical video units connected to HCIN’s secure, dedicated high-speed video routing network. HCIN maintains the state-of-the-art video routing network between all member organizations. 

Interpreting Modalities

Joining HCIN allows you to provide high-quality interpretation services in multiple modalities. Clinicians still have access to their available in-person interpreters when necessary, and can always access HCIN interpreters via phone (voice only) and video (image and voice).

HCIN Connect 

Our simplest deployment, HCIN Connect, (below) uses iOS devices to communicate securely over the public internet, eliminating the need for dedicated private connections, while providing end-to-end HIPAA-compliant video encryption.

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